ViewED 2 B StraightEND

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‘ViewED 2 B StraightEND’

By Jon Hanson

Outside of Athens, GA

"This square is to show, share, bring a better awareness and clearer understanding that gay conversion is so wrong. ( Ex- gay ministries in general). Also, the crosses represent both the loved ones whom have before, during and after completing conversion have committed suicide and the judging of most churches. Plus, how men and women have been still judged, mocked and bullied by those within the church keeping ones whom have reaccepted themselves as gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual and LBGTQA. Love us not overlook, neglect or judge. Also, tells about myself now as a older gay male, whom survived all kinds of bullying ( 9 1/2 years in all schools/ bullying in church, grow and learning to love myself more day to day."

What materials did you use to make your square?

Acrylic paints, some granules of sand