Love As The Key

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‘Love As The Key’

By Tyra Byers

UGA Staff

"According to Second Nature, resilience is the ability of a system or community to survive disruption and to anticipate, adapt, and flourish in the face of change. In this context resilience is about facilitating positive change to enhance the overall wellbeing, engagement, and prosperity of a community while reducing impact on the surrounding environment and conserving natural resources. One way we are actively promoting resilience at UGA is through Watershed UGA. I created a mini stream on my square because we are working with students, faculty, staff, and community members to collaboratively improve water resources here on campus, in Athens Clarke County, and downstream. I used natural cork, mossy twigs, river pebbles, hidden shells and pearls, fabric, metal and a pretend solar panel to represent both humans and nature on the square. There is also glitter in the stream to call attention to plastic contamination in our waterways. Since my focus is community resilience, I highlight Love as the Key. I believe we must foster emotional connection between individuals and our physical, social and cultural place for us all to grow and thrive. "