stitched back together

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‘stitched back together’

By Aubrey frey

Oconee County Schools K-12

"My square is about happiness being connected to misery. The sunset represents happiness, and the hospital room is misery. The hospital room is there because I have had two complete knee reconstructions. It wasn't a positive point in my life. Resilience to me is pushing through the hardships in life. Sometimes when things get hard, people give up. The point of resilience is to get through that and come out stronger. If you let all the little things get to you, you'll never be happy. An example of someone who shows resilience is my mom. She has (*a degenerative disease) and it's very hard for her to do simple tasks. She is medicine that makes her very tired. She still pushes through life. She helps other when they need it and rarely complains. "