Quench Your Thirst For Life

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‘Quench Your Thirst For Life’

By Lily Anne Phibian

Athens, GA Community

"It is simple: Water is Life. With the threat of drought always a lingering concern, it is vital we have a resilient water supply. In Athens, the North and Middle Oconee Rivers, along with the Bear Creek Reservoir, are our water source. If the river levels are too low, we then have only the reservoir to depend upon. It is up to us to ensure our the resiliency of our water resources. Our everyday habits matter. Choose drought resistant plantings, reduce the amount of turf grass in your yard, look for WaterSense labeled fixtures, and turn off the water when you brush your teeth. Water efficiency is key to water resiliency."

What materials did you use to make your square?

acrylic paint, glitter glue, adhesive gems