Pig Love

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‘Pig Love’

By Alivia Jade Kentnor

Oconee County Schools K-12

"My square is about how when I am with pigs, nothing matters but bond between me and the pig. (** The following story was edited by Imagination Squared for privacy and anonymity). My best friend is the best example of resilience. She's had a really tough time in high school because her mom is mentally ill. I remember every day going down to the barn at our school and she was always there and trying her best to make her mother proud. When she got a car, she moved in with her dad, but her mother got even worse. I remember going to all her shows and all she wanted was for her mother to be there and be proud. Throughout time her mother and her grew further apart. When she got ready to go to college, she shut her mom out because she was at a braking point from her mama not caring or showing up. So now, she turned to me and my mom to help. When she wants a mom, she comes to my mom, and when she wants to go out, she'll come and get me as her "little sis". Her dad was there for her every step of the way trying to keep food on the table or keep the bills paid. I remember she got a job so her dad didn't have to do it alone. I remember how much she cried wanting her mama to be more supportive. Now, she's in college and better than ever, happy most of the time, and coming home to see us with her big smile and making great new memories. "