Past Present future

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‘Past Present future’

By Karen zhao

Oconee County Schools K-12

"My square is a collage of my past, present, and future experiences. The pictures of me from the Past symbolize some of the happiest and most meaningful times I have had in my life. The Present is represented by the numerous quotes scattered over the box, which have the purpose of encouraging my present life. The Future is represented by the miscellaneous pictures which show an object, but not in enough detail to discern their meaning, which is similar to the uncertain future. The Past, Present, and Future collectively symbolize resilience to me. Knowing that I have had some of the best moments in my past encourages me that those kinds of moments will happen in the Present or Future. Along with the Past, the Present provides a great opportunity and motivation for me to continue to live for those moments. The uncertain future, whether it is good or bad, holds a promise of good times. My definition of resilience is the fast that we can look into the past to learn, the present to improve, and the future -- which holds a promise of prosperity. "