Natural disturbance, natural resilience

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‘Natural disturbance, natural resilience’

By Claire Teitelbaum

UGA Graduate Student

"My square represents ecological resilience. Each strip shows a nature scene of plants, animals, or even geology. The strip of fire in the middle represents a natural disturbance, and each scene "recovers" to its original state on the other side. For me, this square represents not only the ability of ecosystems to return to their original states after a disturbance, but also that the identity of that disturbance is important - being resilient is easier when a disturbance is "natural" or usual, even if it is large, compared to when a disturbance comes from a totally new source. I find this to be true in my life as well as in my work on ecological systems."

What materials did you use to make your square?

Magazine clippings, glue