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Oconee County Schools K-12

"My square is about the art of magic and how failure when performing or practicing is inevitable. If magicians gave up because the magic trick was too difficult, we would be missing out on so much entertainment. Instead, magicians push through and learn from their failures, enabling them to perform at a higher level and with more confidence. Jeremy Li is an example of personal resilience. When he was younger, he had a dream of playing in the NBA, but he was short... until the year he grew nine inches. At a height of 6'3", Jeremy Lin was the first Asian-American to play in the NBA. He was also the first Asian-American to win an NBA championship. Because he never gave up, despite his physical limitations, he was able to fulfill his dreams. The Statue of Liberty is another symbol of resilience. Despite the sun and rain she endures, she remains standing to provide hope and inspiration for others."