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‘Little Double Bass Medley’

By Erin Whittington

UGA Undergraduate Student

"Resilience to me means being able to adapt to adversity while standing strong and staying true to yourself. I am a double bass performance major who knew almost nothing of the professional music world going into my degree. I was immersed in a world of composers and their symphonies, solo repertoire and so many styles of music I didn’t know existed. Pedagogically I had to relearn my instrument. It has been a rewarding yet highly intimidating journey thus far, one with many ups and downs. For my recording I have started and ended with a walking bass line, a new style I am learning. I have also included excerpts of pieces from gigs and experiences that have taught me important lessons of resilience that have helped mold my journey. (Brahms 2, Mahler 1, Mozart overture)"