Life Force

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‘Life Force’

By Amy Rosemond

UGA Faculty

"The future of humanity depends on the resilience and forgiveness of nature. Human activities are but one emergent function from the spinning ball of creation and evolution, its biogeochemical cycles and its DNA, that we all call ‘home’. We depend on the earth more than she depends on us. We are fools if we don’t recognize the life-giving properties of the planet – and cling to them, like to the apron of our mother. My square depicts emergence of life – the resilience of the planet – that is ours to behold and on which we depend. It is unapologetically exuberant. It will continue to produce, grow, reorganize, and recycle, no matter what humans do to exploit and diminish this force. The resilience of nature has been tested and affirmed with breathtaking beauty. Whether humans have the wisdom to respect and gently harness this resilience is currently on the table. There is nothing 'innocent' or 'pure' about these white flowers. They represent the living ashes of burned promises that refuse to go away and hold us accountable for our potential."

What materials did you use to make your square?

dried flowers, acrylic paint