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By Meekah Howell

UGA Undergraduate Student

"The storm of chaos hits us and there is no way to prepare. That being said, there is this inner self that is always prepared. This inner monster can achieve everything because it has achieved everything. How can you summon this demon? There is no method, because methods are by their very nature mechanical and not human. To become human by a method is impossible. Until death we are "helplessly human"; but, to be human is a gift! Our method mind tries to keep up with the infinite temple(our body). This temple is the corridor to the garden of the universe. In order to enter the garden, we must leave our minds behind and become whole again. This is the gift that death brings us and we will only willingly accept it when we finish our mission (mischief) on this planet. Life and death are a gift from us to us, our feeble minds. Bless the mind!"