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‘Eroica 3rd Movement’

By Nicholas Kanipe

UGA Undergraduate Student

"Beethoven's Third symphony, the Eroica, was originally dedicated to Napoleon before Napoleon declared himself Emperor of France. Once Beethoven learned of Napoleon's declaration, he rescinded the dedication and decried Napoleon's actions because he believed that Napoleon had changed from a hero of the people to just another tyrannical leader. Beethoven wrote this symphony as a way to lift up and admire heroes of the people who fought for the rights of the common man, and that is why I have chosen to make a recording of the 3rd movement excerpt. To me, the excerpt represents the joy of being resilient. It comes after the funeral march that is the second movement and is immediately joyous from the outset. From my perspective, this third movement represents the joy and happiness as well as purpose that can be found in being resilient."