Couches d’un oignon

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‘Couches d’un oignon’

By Jason owusu

Oconee County Schools K-12

"This summer I moved from a place I had lived since I was 6 years old. 10 years is a long time for a person. You can learn a lot about yourself in 10 years, especially between the ages of 6-16. Now, in this new environment, I've had to reestablish myself and re-peel my layers back. NYC after 9/11 is a perfect example of resilience. The way the city and nation rose up after that tragedy was beautiful. My grandma is an example of personal resilience. She grew up poor in a village in Kumasi, Ghana. Her family could barely afford for her to go to school. Regardless of these obstacles, she had a deadly combination: she was smart and she was driven. She saved up enough money to not only go to America, but start her own sewing business in the 1960s and it is still in business to this day!"