Cotton Candy Clouds

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‘Cotton Candy Clouds’

By Lily Meyers

Clarke County Public Schools K-12, Athens, GA Community

"I chose to do my written response on both of the topics because I felt that my box represents both of them. To me, resilience means pushing at something; something that you feel strongly of, until change comes about. Whether that is a social issue or a personal goal, standing up and taking action is a big meaning of resilience. Keeping your pace while life through curveballs is a method that I believe everybody can work on. A community needs to be resilient to function, but like I said, resilience can change over time and become stronger. As my box shows, resilience comes with everyone working together and listening to each other. Everyone in a community may have different ideas, but they all want the community to succeed. Listening to one another respectfully is the firsts step to resilience in a community. "