Connected Cross

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‘Connected Cross’

By Max Pearson

Oconee County Schools K-12

"This square symbolizes how, through Christ, the world is intertwined and woven into unique patterns, which are all meant to glorify God. Resilience, to me, is the ability to overcome adversity. It is getting back up when you are knocked down; working through doubts or setbacks in order to meet a goal; it is determination mixed with passion to strive for greater aspirations. My grandfather is an example of resilience. He fought for his life while he was living, after being diagnosed with cancer. There were days where we could see the adversity he was facing more than others, though he was always able to be himself for his family. Another example of resilience is the NOHS cross country team. In 2017, we were ranked 18th out of 20 teams but placed 6th in the best meet in Georgia. We were able to rise above through determination and resilience. "