Clear night sky

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‘Clear night sky’

By alexandra hernandez

Oconee County Schools K-12

"My square is a painting of the night sky. To me, I always feel like I can let go and relax because a new day is about to start soon. I usually do all my thinking and wondering at night and feel at ease when I go outside and just look up at the stars and the moon. My father is an example of personal resilience. Of all the children in his family, he was the only one that was able to complete high school and go on to college. He said there were times he wanted to give up due to the necessary responsibilities he had outside school, like taking care of the family farm, his younger siblings, and working. But he never let those things and other things get in his way to get his education. He has and still is bouncing back from old problems to figure out a new way or to continue on with what he is doing. "