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By Lousa Norris

Clarke County Public Schools K-12

"My square symbolizes that you can grow and achieve your dreams - even when no one cares. The messy, unpainted sides symbolize that no one is perfect. I think of Pam Poskema when I think of perseverance. She was the first female umpire for baseball. I also think my size makes me resilient. I am really short. Of course I used to, and still do, get teased and bullied. This is an example of resilience because at first this really bothered me. Soon though, I learned to just ignore people, and keep doing my own thing. I met may friends that didn't care about my size and this really boosted my self confidence. To this day, I do sometimes feel self-conscious, but most of the time I love the skin that I'm in, and I don't care what people think."