Being LantinX Is Having Strength and Rebuilding Through The Storms

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‘Being LantinX Is Having Strength and Rebuilding Through The Storms’

By William Melendez

Outside of Athens, GA

"The square at first glance is about Puerto Rico (My Island) and the strength it had/has to rebuild after the devastation of hurricane Maria. However, even deeper the square signifies the LatinX strength to rebuild and weather the storms of history. Whether the storms are marching for civil rights (often not highlighted in school history books), natural disasters, turmoil from war, persecution from the 45th president of the USA and his followers, prejudices, or even a flawed system that will put you in a cage; the Latinx people are strong! We are a proud people, but the joy we have in bringing our culture to the melting pot of these United States and the contributions we have made to American history, is us weathering the storm. Music, Dance, Food, Holidays, Culture, and Vibrancy is the LatinX way building strength in a land we love!"

What materials did you use to make your square?

yarn, nails, scrapbook paper, hot glue, ribbon