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‘and we begin again’

By Hannah Shuman

UGA Undergraduate Student

"Working at Camp Hidden Lake was one of the most formative and enriching experiences of my life, and also one of the most difficult. Every Saturday, after that week's campers had left, all the missionaries would gather in the chapel for praise and thanksgiving, to thank God for all the victories and the struggles of the week, and to turn everything over to Him so that we could start fresh and new the next week. During these worship sessions, we were completely exhausted and empty, drained from a difficult week, but the act of praising from such poverty was empowering in the most incredible way. We were not trained vocalists, worrying about notes or rhythms. We were singing from our heart, singing from our nothingness, praising the God who had given us everything and who we were trusting to fill us back up and allow us to begin again."