All In Good Time

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‘All In Good Time’

By Morgan Laketa

UGA Undergraduate Student

"Life is a bit confusing. There is a lot to keep track of. It can be hard to keep up with friends, sit down and relax, and even be abe to enjoy what you have. Most days, it can feel like a bit much. Plans, goals, responsibilities, and jobs can all begin to pile up in front of you and, really, there is no way to make it all disappear like we all want it to. But therein lies a strength when someone rolls up their sleeves, picks up their to-do list and says "I can do this." The people who buckle down and push their way through the storm of deadlines and responsibilities are often the ones who survive it. The key is to know that, no matter how big the challenge, it will come and go all in good time."

What materials did you use to make your square?

Glue, String, Paper, Acrylic Paint