Adios Mi Mexico Lindo

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‘Adios Mi Mexico Lindo’

By Jenny S

Clarke County Public Schools K-12

"My piece is about the resilience that resides in my dad. He is a hardworking man that does the best for his children but is also there for them as well in a emotional way. The flowers represent the kindness my father has for his family and the times he’s helped my mother grow that garden when they were younger. As a butcher, my dad gained a love for eating meat, he was basically a cannibal. At the age of 19, he moved to America by himself and the first job he got was in construction, hence the nails and hammer. Over the years, he built some schools in athens, shopping malls, and even his own produce stand. The nails also represent the tough skin my father had to gain to survive in American and protect his children. The red ribbon was added in to lightly represent his love for rock music in his earlier years. "