a noted escape

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‘a noted escape’

By emerson howard

Oconee County Schools K-12

"My square is about music. Music is my escape from though circumstances, and it helps me focus on a solution and the positive outcomes that may come from my adversity. To me, music is a symbol of resiliency. My good friend Jacob is an example of personal resilience. Within one semester, he lost a leadership position and was injured and was told he may never be able to run again. Those were two of the biggest things in his life -- he was trying to be recruited to run cross country in college. He felt alone, frustrated, and at a loss for a future plan, yet he never stopped loving others. He changed his mindset and fought. Now he travels all over to make speeches. He has been told by many universities that they are watching him after he healed up. He was resilient and it paid off and made him 100% stronger than he was. "