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By Ken Starks

UGA Staff

"In August 2017 I met my partner after a busy and emotionally taxing period at work. At the time, a finding a partner was something I hadn't envisioned for myself; I had just recovered from being sick, being on-call for campus, and navigating a big staffing shift within my department. One of our first dates included watching 'Masterminds' with Zach Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig. One of the most memorable parts included Wiig adding extra numbers to the end of her number, '143,' meaning 'I love you', which eventually became one of our ways to communicate our dedication and love to each other. In addition, '143' has become a symbol in resilience for me as well. Since meeting the man I intend to marry, I've been able to persist and grow as a person and professional with support and love I once believed I was undeserving of."

What materials did you use to make your square?

I used yellow tape, stencils, and a sharpie to complete my square