(The Community Carts Phase that ran between September-November 2018 is now complete. Phase 4 (Jan-Jun 2019) includes businesses, social groups, classrooms, schools, non-profits, and government organizations. You can host a private Square Party and that would count as a social group.

We can make arrangements to provide large quantities of squares for your group. We also have creativity kits that include a variety of materials to host Imagination Squared events. This project has been very successful for leadership teams and groups centering on discussions of RESILIENCE. Please email us at info@imaginationsquared.org if you are interested in borrowing a kit or want to make arrangements to receive more than 10 squares.)

How Imagination Squared Works:

Pick up a FREE! 5” square shadowbox.

Where are squares available?

Lamar Dodd School of Art – Outside Imagination Squared Office
Room N135 (North Door of Building nearest E7 Parking lot.)

Photo by Ryan C Hunady


Modify a square in any way to convey your concepts of resilience. Work individually or as a team.

Consider a symbol for a moment when you overcame a challenge.

Consider a symbol for something that helps you get through the tough days.

Consider a symbol for someone that helps you become stronger, more adaptable.

Consider a symbol of your research or your team’s research that deals with resilience in some capacity.

Consider a symbol for something that deals with strong, resilient communities.

Consider a symbol for your small business and its ability to survive amidst economic change.

If you need ideas, be sure to check out our video!

Video of Square Ideas!

Photo by Ryan C Hunady


Your modified square can extend 6” off the front, and 1/2” off any side.

If you don’t want to submit one alone, invite someone to modify your square with you. This is a project to spark conversations on resilience.

Any team may submit a square: Couples, families, mentors, colleagues, small businesses are all welcome to work collaboratively.


Turn in your square within 6 weeks of receiving it.

Make sure to put your name and email on the reverse side! (legibly, please)

Current locations to turn in your square:

Lamar Dodd School of Art – Black Cabinet outside room N135.

You can mail also it to:
Imagination Squared
270 River Road, Room N135
Athens, GA 30602

Photo by Ryan C Hunady


Your square will be photographed, you will be sent a confirmation email, and asked a couple optional questions about your square and you may add your story of resilience. You can also choose to remain anonymous.

Your information will be uploaded to the square gallery on our homepage. You can share your square on instagram and facebook.

Later, when the project is complete, you will be notified by email regarding the exhibition of all squares together, which is slated for Fall 2020.

We plan to give the entire project to the City of Athens to showcase our resilient, creative town.

Audio Squares!
Do you only work in audio? Storytellers, singers, musicians –you can reserve a Sound Square! (Reservation Only)
info@imaginationsquared.org to reserve one.